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…and the problems you face – from PCB’s and lead paint to asbestos and underground tanks. This ever-growing list of pollutants mandate that we work together to protect your assets.

Consulting Services

Click to learn more about our consulting services, including Experience Modifiers, Claims, Hold Harmless Agreements, Classifications and other services.

Special Insurance Programs

Special insurance programs for: Crane & Rental Riggers, SEAA, Plumbing/HVAC Contractors, Washington Gas Company, Surety Bonds for Small Contractors and Personal Lines, Life and Health Coverage

Construction Insurance Agency provides insurance and risk management services to construction related accounts. We are staffed by specialists with an in-depth understanding of construction insurance, commercial risk management, insurance for builders, construction bonds, audits, insurance certificates, commercial insurance consulting, and all matters related to commercial and construction insurance. We deliver superior products and services through carriers oriented to the construction industry and always act in our client’s best interest. Our typical client has needs complex enough to require risk management expertise, but is not large enough to employ a risk manager.


Member of SEAA?

Contact us about our our Special Steel Erectors Assn. of America Program! MORE>


Experience Modifiers

Contact us about an experience modifier for your company. We may save you money! MORE>


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Read our 10 points. If you answer “yes” to any, maybe its time to call us! MORE>


Insurance Certificates

Because we fully understand the financial impact of certificates on your collections. MORE>


Surety Bonds for Small Contractors

Special programs available for small emerging contractors through the SBA bond guarantee program as well as other specialty bond carriers. MORE>

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