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If you can answer yes to any of the following questions...
agent-1A1. I’ve been unable to get paid (or get draws) because my agent has been late filing a certificate of insurance. 2. My insurance bill is practically unreadable and I’m not able to get the help I need when I call the insurance office. 3. Sometimes I have to take time to educate my agent about certain parts of my business that he (she) should know about before I can get a price or some advice. 4. I sign contracts with hold harmless agreements and just have to hope they are covered by insurance – my agent doesn’t review my contracts while I still have time to negotiate. 5. I’m ready to bid some work requiring bonds but my agent doesn’t think I can get a bond – and won’t try. 6. I get my policies through the mail and have to try to sort them out myself – so I’ve got a disorganized mess on my hands. 7. If I have a claim, I feel I’m suddenly at the mercy of some arrogant claims adjuster and don’t get help from my agent. 8. When my agent recommends a new coverage, I wonder if I’m part of a sales contest to Bermuda. 9. When it comes to audits, classifications and experience modifiers, I don’t feel that my agent knows how to help me. 10. I don’t get any outside services from my agent (ie: independent loss control, management claims reports).

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    HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's latest push to revive its bloated state-owned sector is set to pick up pace this year, with bankers and investors expecting possible spin-offs and asset sales to follow a key Communist Party Congress in October. […]

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